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Updated: Nov 4, 2021


Greeting Mystic Citizens and welcome to the Mystic Citizen list of Seven Crystal Stones for Empaths / Sensitives.

Most of us have the capacity for empathy – to empathize with another is to put yourself in another’s shoes and feel, based on connections to your own life events, what it might be like to go through what they’re experiencing. Then of course, there are Empaths / Sensitives who instantly feel the energy of others regardless of what is being said or not said. Empaths can also have a difficult time discerning where another person’s energy ends and theirs begins.

If you’re feeling ungrounded, depleted, nervous or vulnerable…

If you want to shield yourself form those who are draining…

Or you are navigating times that feel heavy and dark, and you want to boost your light…

Take a moment, pause, and consider putting together a collection of your favorite crystals for restoring life force, and creating a higher connection while providing emotional grounding.

This is a Mystic Citizen assembly of Support Crystals for Empaths/Sensitives who may at times feel overwhelmed by the people and world around them. Check your heart on what you are about to read and if it resonates know you are not alone.

First, let’s consider grounding and stabilizing your intuitive energy with:

Tiger’s Eye

Many of us can get cranky and reactive when our energy is depleted. For Empathic People, being depleted can occur as a result of taking on the emotions of others. As a connection stone you can ask tiger’s eye why you are feeling so tired – where is the energy drain coming from? At the same time Empaths and Empathic people alike can call on Tiger’s eye for an energy boost to their life force which can elevate their mood, attitude, and ability to make decisions with revitalized mind and body. As you look at the surface of a piece of Tiger’s Eye – its caramel, golden glow seems to follow you no matter how you turn the stone. The gleaming earth stone teaches us that courage is felt when we are well rested and clear. This is one of the top Mystic Citizen crystal recommendations for Empaths/Sensitives to carry as an energy booster – so when you need your wits about you and you don’t want to be swayed by the energies of others, consider having a Tiger’s Eye stone in your pocket, or on a necklace, or ring.

Black Tourmaline.

This stone is one of the Mystic Citizen’s favorites for protection and clearing for Empaths/Sensitives – used for repelling physic attachments to external negative thought patterns both conscious and unconscious. This is also a great stone for “void work” – a meditative tradition for going into the cosmic realms of “all that is”, to find your most beneficial path. During meditation call on Black Tourmaline, a stone of emotional intelligence – and ask, “protect me and guide me, please show me what I have not yet seen”. Whether it be a tumbled version or in its rawest form, Black Tourmaline’s dark black in color inspires creativity when it’s accentuated by the streaks of the white strands looking like lighting embedded within the surface of the stone.

For Empaths/Sensitives, this stone empowers seeking answers while being protected from negativity that isn’t yours – enabling the ability to “feel” with a sense of detachment and experience emotions of others by invitation only.


At Mystic citizen we highly recommend Selenite as a utility crystal for Empathic People who can often pick up on the smallest and subtlest of energies in their environment. Selenite is used to clean and clear your energy, your space, as well as your positions. If an Empathic healer uses oracle cards, it’s good to consider wiping the deck with a selenite rod before each reading. This is a popular crystal sold as rods, towers and lamps. It’s often placed near computers for absorbing electromagnetic noise as well as being used to dispels negative energies bringing calm in any space. Selenite, as an effective Empathic resource, can be seen as a great equalizer since it’s placement in any home or office space can help the Empath/Sensitive by clearing spaces and people surrounding them while also elevating team harmony in groups and organizations. Empathic people may find greater flow using Selenite to enhance cooperation and level out the energies of the environment. Remember, Selenite is salt so charge it in the sunlight and never clean your support crystal with water ;-)

Next, let’s work with emotional healing energy:


Once Empaths/Sensitives feel more grounded it’s time to ask, ‘what is my truth and what is not?”. Chrysocolla, an Earth/Sky stone is greenish blue (Earth and Sky) – a bit like turquoise but leaning greener than blue. This can be a soothing tranquility stone for Empathic People to compassionately sort through and identify the thought patterns and cultural habits that are no longer serving them – revealing the missions they came here for. “What is true” will come through when Chrysocolla opens the throat and heart chakra to balance and strengthen an empath’s ability to communicate and live from their essential wisdom. Chrysocolla also opens the thymus/high heart chakra – an inner gateway for connecting to higher realms.

Smokey Quartz

An open heart is essential for an Empathic person to connect to higher sources of love, which requires trust. While Empathy is a form of compassion, empathy itself may have an unwelcomed impact on an Empath who has taken on a lot of emotional trauma trying to help others and has, as a result a lot of their own unresolved sorrow during their lifetime. This accumulated emotional weight could create a potential lack of trust in humanity or themselves that can be addressed with Smokey Quartz. Many people who work with Rose Quartz (a high vibrational compassion amplifier) can find the effects of Rose Quartz accelerated when first using Smokey Quartz. While the more opaque Rose Quartz is often used to warm up the heart, the greyish, translucent smokey, crystal can be more effective for Empathic People who are wanting a lighter heart. Empaths can use terminated Smokey Quartz (a crystal that comes to a faceted point) for removing chords energetically attaching them to others.

If you are an Empath/Sensitive having to deal with a difficult emotionally triggering feeling, ask Smokey Quartz to reveal “Great Mystery’s/Source’s’’ role in understanding any discomfort within the situation you have consciously or unconsciously taken on. Clear your heart and listen/feel – you will get an answer.

Next, the support stones for connecting with/calling in your guides:


Apophyllite is a communication crystal I like to call buffalo stone – this clear piece of glittering quartz (often collected in white or pink) can be an answer to Empathic People and Empaths/Sensitives’ prayers when it comes to dispelling worry and anxiety. This crystal guide is for tapping into the highest forms of light frequency and therefore, higher forms of empathy connected to the feeling empaths can receive when connecting to ascended masters, guides allies, as well as source itself. This crystal benefits from being charged by the sun as well as by moon light. Referring to this crystal as a Buffalo stone is a reminder that Empathic People can rise above their distress and feelings of others by using this beautiful quartz like a ladder to “Great Spirit”. It not only links us to “Akashic” answers, but it also allows us to feel the calm higher realms can bring. New approaches to holding more light and vibrating higher are contained in this record keeper and communicator used to link with the ascension dimensions of 5-D (the 5th dimension and higher). Feel truths of higher Empathic connection by meditating with Apophyllite; breathe information in from the stone – hold and process that cosmic intelligence – then breathe out your intentions in the form of questions and prayers sent to your Guides and Allies.


The free will freedom stone – I refer to as the “Dragonfly Stone” – is also known as an “Alchemists Stone” possessing all the “Rays of Light”. A great crystal helps Empaths/Sensitives to understand the nature of morphing energies and how to respect their subtle differences and allow them to function as emotional guidance. Large or small, the “Rays of Light” found in a single piece of labradorite are a lesson in seeing the reflection within all the aspects of us and feeling the light that shapes all of the colors of us. Like the wings of dragon fly – the illusion totem of not having to prove its magic to anyone – there is a full spectrum of all “12 Rays of Light” just as you’d find in the wings of a dragonfly reminding Empathic people not to get caught up in one feeling, one emotion, one approach! With a simple adjustment of direction, the light with a dragonfly’s wings morphs into constantly changing arrays of color, just as the Labradorite crystal changes its color when its mysterious surface meets different angles of light. The ever-changing color of the stone is the color that each situation calls for. Empaths/Sensitives can use Labradorite to shift their mood and energy when feeling stuck on a particular set of emotions or approaches.

Labradorite is also known as an “Alchemist’s Stone” of transformation that can help evolve its owner’s consciousness by removing negative habits that may be blocking emotional progress. Similar to Black Tourmaline, Labradorite also protects against physic intrusion, while also sharpening intuition and boosting physic ability. And like Apophyllite, it is also considered to be a powerful Empathic resource for downloading assistance as well as sending prayers/intentions back to source.

Choosing your Crystal Guides!

This has been a selection of crystal suggestions for developing empathy (being open to identifying where people are coming from) as well as Empaths/Sensitives (those who are instantaneously feeling the energy of others regardless of what they are or are not doing or saying). In the mystery schools (ancient disciplines from around the word for decoding the universe, yourself and the people around you) it is beneficial to practice discerning your own essence from the moods and attitudes, images and frequencies that surround you.

These are certainly not the only stones that are here to assist with Empathic gifts, but they are a great start to any crystal collection or a Dreamlodge Medicine Pouch. When choosing crystals use your empathic ability – consider feeling your way through all the stones present to determine which of those crystals wants to work with you (the crystals that are right for you).

Gaze into the surfaces of your crystal teachers to see the messages written in their striations and patterns – also feel the energy within the stone and the energy it communicates to you from within, perhaps you can discern where it came from before it came to you. Learn to care for your Crystal Guides, understand when to use the sun, moon or fresh stream water to clean them and clear them.

Carry them with you, meditate with them, wear them, breathe with them, connect to them.


Empathic people…

Whenever you feel overwhelmed know you can call on your Crystal Guides to prevent unwanted energetic intrusion.

When you are in search of a shift or wanting to hold more light, use your crystals to call in the assistance of your higher Guides and Allies.

Remember your crystal connection.

Thanks for reading – thanks for seeking!

More to be Revealed.

-Quinn Tetterton | Mystic Citizen

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