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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

“Channeling is about tapping into the Aether to access more than what you know

on Earth Info you can use to Shape Your Fate!”

-Q.T. | Mystic Citizen

Channeling is, in my opinion, something we all can and have done at different times in our lives. At some point we have gotten guidance/a feeling/a voice saying, “it’s not in your best interest to do that” or conversely, “trust yourself, your heart feels light – this is totally for you”. Realizing that someone or something has your back is part of what channeling can be. Another big part is about tapping into the Aether (Etheric Realms)/Akashic Records/the Grids of Light/Your Council of Light (Guides)/Multiple Timelines! This is you accessing higher levels of awareness by connecting to the ultimate-cosmic-cloud server – the interdimensional realms, guides and allies available to deliver more than what you know on Earth. Using channeling to download info and insights is kind of like using Google, only without the typing or talking as you access something far vaster (since Google only knows what it’s gathered and computed in this 3D Earth-bound plain).

Through channeling you can download info from different guides and explore possible outcomes that can be found on various timelines. The choice to bring them here for your highest and best good speaks to what I call “Shaping Your Fate”. When I channel or teach channeling, I refer to the Mystery School/Ascension Consciousness Techniques as well as my own practices as being connected to “Freewill” Universal Wisdom. So, when you channel, you are free to see many potential destinies. This alo means that the vibration you hold as you channel is what you’ll attract, meaning stay positive and stay open if you want to link to your most beneficial outcomes. It’s your responsibility to hold more Light, so that you can connect to and attract more Light (you are what you attract). As you channel you may realize that while charts and numerology are useful self-realization tools (for waking you up/getting off auto pilot), on a soul level, you are not bound by any of those divination systems or charts. To center you heart and to know which choices would open your heart and what choices seem to close it, is to discern which channeled options would shape a more satisfying life! It’s between you and your Higher Soul Self what you will do with your “High Heart channeled info” when it comes to how, when, or if you’ll consciously choose to use this guidance.

BTW: High Heart discernment (as described by channelers that inspire me) is about; “that, which is for your highest and best benefit and therefore for the highest and best benefit of all involved”. Note, that if you believe your guides are upset with you or are mad at the same people or situations that you’re mad at, see the clearing suggestions in the channeling processes (mentioned in this article) and consider getting better guides ;-)

There are many channelers who receive specific knowledge from ascended masters, ancestors and other guides that can give insights and at time – direct answers applicable to the questions at hand. Perhaps you have already encountered a sense of knowing that you only get when you channel, a clairsentience that just comes to you? Do you hear communication in the form of clairaudience that provides a new perspective that you had not yet considered? Channeling can use sight, smell, taste, hearing, or simply just knowing. How you get your messages whether it’s from colors, number codes, animal totems, or angelic connection is matter of energetic preference. When you focus on a specific form of communication that resonates with you, this is how your channeled communication is likely to reach you.

And as it reaches you…

you can then receive those messages as communications for yourself and others.

Prior to channeling, remember to clear your space and your energy.

Then ask for answers with an open heart.

To see more and receive more – hold more Light (meaning be as positive as you possibly can, no matter what is going on). Raise your vibration – stay positive stay open!


Channeling support from guides and allies is what I understand as connecting with your Council of Light. To the ancients, this is a group within the higher realms that has your best interest at heart – a source of support that when asked, offer insights and assistance. It is believed in many Mystery Schools (ancient disciplines for decoding the universe yourself and those around you) that your guides do not intercede unless asked and there are techniques for getting good at asking. The more specific you can be the better! Consider that there is a version of you not bound to 3D Earth called your High Soul Self, who already knows a great deal and is a fantastic place to start when asking for guidance, mostly becuase this is a version of you that has seen soooo much! Your Higher Soul Self knows it has had many lifetimes, spoken multiple languages, has been rich, poor, male, female and has held many job titles in many eras, countries and many say other planets and dimensions. So, in accessing this aspect of yourself, you get to interact with a magnificent objective resource that isn’t super-attached to the impermanence of this lifetime. Your Higher Soul Self is more connected to Source itself than to the fleeting nature your current disappointments in this lifetime. As an experiment, you can try asking your Higher Soul Self what it can teach you from your previous lifetimes as well as how to handle what’s at hand in this one. This is an opportunity to develop your channeling skills to unlock answers/skills/abilities without having to learn them all over again in the present.


Your "Council of Light", comprises your guides and allies who have your back in this lifetime –

A fantastic resource to call on, especially in these trying times. As you tap in and “ask for” input/assistance, know that you can request to know their names, where they are from, and why they are helping you. You can also say; “please show me what is for my highest and best benefit and therefore the highest and best benefit of all involved, in a way I can understand and remember”. This can be an effective clearing prayer used when calling in your Aetheric sources of comfort and support in any given situation. However, before asking your guides and allies for help, I recommend that you first tap into your Higher Soul Self to strengthen that connection.

When consciously channeling your Higher Soul Self or Your Council of Light, first clear and center with breathwork.

Breathe in 5 seconds deep/hold for 3 seconds/breathe out 5 seconds...

Make sure the guides you have are of the highest vibration by using you higher soul power and say/insist:

“Anything that cannot match the vibration of Love must leave Now!”

Then use the ancient agreement:

“Forces of 100% Bright White Light, Guide me now to the path that’s right”.

Once you use this invocation (which is your Soul Level right) you are insisting on aligning yourself with Source Light —Positive energy/unconditional love.

Then ask your High Soul Self to come forward.

If you have questions and require support, your Higher Soul Self is there for you as the part of YOU that loves you unconditionally!

This same invocation can be used when intending to invite help from new guides.

“Forces of 100% Bright White Light, I ask my allies to come forward to guide me now to the path that’s right”. Remember to thank your Guides who come forward for being there. Ask to receive info you can understand, in a way you can remember.

In meditation as in life, if there are moments when you are feeling especially vulnerable you can always use the phrase…

“Anything that cannot match the vibration of Love must leave Now!”

Intend and insist (I’ve seen adepts use this prayer clear out public spaces – even an edgy bar on a Friday Night). However, trusting yourself is the most crucial part of this practice. It’s one thing to think you can but another to know you can (embody it). When it comes to reaping the rewards of channeling, centering yourself in all areas of consciousness is key. Consider that, if you can align what you think, say, feel and do, all in one moment, your intentions will deliver and be more aligned to creating satisfying outcomes.

If you are struggling to get clear about any one of these four realms of conscienceless – then you already know what questions to start asking when channeling. You can say, “Guides of 100% Bright White Light, help me see, for my highest and best benefit and therefore for the highest and best benefit of all involved why I think, why I say, why I feel, why I act as I do…

Please show me what I have not been seeing!”


During a Mystic Citizen channeling event I roll as a Practical Mystic who is more focused on getting results and channeling actionable info than digging into discourse and philosophy. When I suggest being specific in a Dreamlodge or Live Channeled Event, I’m taking about knowing what you require as the driver behind your channeling. What are you asking for? In my opinion, the more specific you can be the better! If you can be specific, then you can say “I REQUIRE”! I Require help with___(fill in the blank) I require a more satisfying job, a more rewarding relationship, a fulfilling lifepath, a perfect apartment, an excellent house, a car I’m excited to drive – you can also work the big picture, get some answers and then go from there to become more and more specific. Sometime sit’s about starting with “Guides of 100% Bright White Light, please show me more about what I Require – then see what comes through. This ‘I REQUIRE” technique is effective when you’re tapping in to get support and gather answers – what I refer to as “what you sit for/what you stand for” during channeling/channeled meditations.

Of course, not everyone is so practical when it comes to their channeling approach. Perhaps you simply want to clear all negativity and go for a cosmic coaster ride?

I find that traveling joyrides are indeed fun but not as satisfying to me as getting some answers. This “drive to know” is probably why I call myself a Conscious Channel (one who is who is aware and present for what “comes through” while channeling), rather than a trans-channel (those who offer themselves as a vessel to become whatever wants to speak through them and likely remembering none of it). I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a trans-channeler, there have been many throughout the ages that have been of great service. I’m just saying it’s not my channeling style. So, if you’re anything like me, you can choose to use your channeling to Shape your Fate – as in, gain valuable info that will add to what you REQUIRE to elevate your life path. This practice can add great benefit to your spiritual life. In my opinion, seeking out and utilizing high vibrational techniques for accessing guidance that goes beyond your astrology is part of self-realization. It can be a wonderful exercise to ask for “What You Require”! Then insist on it.

And do you know what you require?

Whatever it is that comes to mind…

is this what you really require or something you think you should do, or something your culture, family friends or workplace told you ought to do? Are your desires your own? – or are they unmet projections from others.

Again, If you don’t know what you require, that’s ok.

You can use the breath-work, the ancient clearing agreement of 100% Bright White Light

then ask…

“What is it that I REQUIRE now for my highest and best good and the highest and best good of all involved”.

When you get an answer no matter how big or subtle, honor it with thanks during and after your session – that keeps the vibration high! Write what comes through it in a journal. It’s been said by scryers throughout time that automatic writing, without concern for grammar or content is one of the best ways to channel. It’s an extension of the universe that flows through your writing, delivering knowledge that may not yet be known or accessible on your current 3D Earth timeline.

As Light Workers, we may say some info is not readily accessible on 3D Earth plane but is still accessible to you! This is because you are always connected with several of your own subtle energetic bodies that are not bound to 3D Earth. They are the part of you that is unseen, sending and receiving, gathering intel from 4D, 5D, 6D and possibly higher than that. Meanwhile, technology made on 3D Earth only sees energy and info gathered on the 3D plane where it was made. As a channeler you are more advanced than the most sophisticated 3D Earth tech can ever be – interdimensional speaking. So, when you channel (4D-5D-6D and beyond) you tap into that which is likely to be unseen on 3D Earth but can often useful to developing/showing what’s possible on this 3D Earth timeline. A multidimensional perspective accessible through the multidimensional you. So much is available considering what you can access when you channel, which is why it’s most effective when you clear, elevate, set an intention, know what you sit for and express what you REQUIRE!


Channeling is done to the degree your heart is open – which brings us to art of channeling as a “Heart-Based” discipline. As I understand it, source energy, 100% Light is “LOVE”. Seeing it and tapping into that happens to the degree your heart is open/to the degree you are aligned with what source energy has to offer. So, conversely, the more you heart closes, the less you can see. In short, the more Light you hold the more Light you’ll see and the more negativity you hold, the more negativity you’ll see – and so on.

This is Cause and Effect/Law of attraction in action.

And as the Mystery Schools say...

“You are what you attract”!

If you’re pissed off – then that’s likely not the time you’ll see what makes you happy…

Not until you shift the focus long enough to call in the vibration of creativity & happiness.

Joy and Anger don’t actually match.

So, open your heart – after all if your heart is not “in it”, whatever “it” is, you know what that feels like. It’s probably not going to bring you joy.

As you channel for what you require, feel the resonance in your heart.

If your heart opens wider that’s for you.

If it closes…

no matter how logical the reason is for you wanting it to be your destiny, it may not be something that will truly align with you.

Pay attention to that!

Keep an open heart no matter what – therefore, channeling training throughout the ages focuses on elevating your heart-based emotional consciousness.

Your emotional intelligence.


If you think the world sucks, then you’ll see mostly that and attract more of that.

If you want to channel how the world can be a better place, then you’ll see a lot of that and channel that – especially as raise your vibration to hold more Light.

Channeling can sometimes be described as “running energy”/ the power of “High Frequency Light” pumping through you. If you’re not used to holding tremendous amounts of Light this can be tiring, requiring periods of recharging. There are exercises for channelers that focus on elevating physical and mental health to help improve how much “Light Energy” you can hold and therefore “run” through your earthy body when tuning into Higher Light Frequencies / Higher Realms.


As you channel you may see energy take many forms.

The form you resonate with the most will be the form you “get” most often. If you can say” I’m getting something” or “I’m getting hit on that” – ask what does that mean for you?

Do you see spirit animals in your channeling, does this translate to seeing animals during auspicious moments in your day-to-day life? If these totems spirit animals show up in real life as “Repeating Coincidences” try researching what those animals mean and if the coincidences continue to stack up, you may start to see a pattern of communication that translates to direct messages, delivering meaningful answers. If not animals, perhaps you are you seeing colors! Look to the Mystery School “Rays of Light” meanings of those colors since color orbs / color bands are often considered to be the most direct communications from guides and allies. Maybe you hear words or have conversations with source/spirit/guides, is this in your imagination or is it communication? Ask who is communicating and how they can be recognized, named, and known. There are many channelers who receive specific clairaudient knowledge, “hearing” their ascended masters and ancestors that is directly applicable to situation at hand. Is there a sense of “knowing” that you only get when you channel, a clairsentience that just comes to you? As mentioned previously, channeling can use sight, smell, taste, hearing, or simply just knowing. How you get you messages through colors, number codes, animal totems, or angelics is matter of energetic preference/how energy comes to you. When you focus on a direct form of communication and that resonates with you, this is how your channeled communication is likely to reach you.


As channeled communication reaches you, know that you can be a channel for yourself and others. Many would say that channeling is fun, reassuring, inspiring and a great responsibility all in one. Remember to clear you mind, body and space! Insist on this!

To ask for and receive help, open your heart.

The heart is the first to know.

The mind will volunteer to explain and justify it later.

The first question is – does this connection /communication open my heart?

Pay attention to that!

To see more and receive more, raise your vibration – stay positive stay open.

Ask for what you require

Or ask, “What do I require at this time, that is for my highest and best good as well as the highest and best good for all involved’!

You’ll get an answer.

A Final Note about Mediumship vs Mystic Citizen Channeling

To be clear, my version of channeling (I call Mystic Citizen Channeling) reflects my intension to tap into the “Grids of Light / Timelines / Aetheric Realms” to illuminate various potential outcomes and solutions to challenges you may face. The connections I access can take the form of words, landscapes/locations, colors, avatars, or spirit animal totems. During sessions I emphasize that the path to each outcome is up to you (your freewill). Whether you choose to use the cosmic advice/insights that come through is, to me, a matter of the heart. I ask that you check your heart in the instant you hear the ‘downloads” (before your mind can get a hold of it) to see if you are truly in alignment / resonating with the info from your sessions.

As I understand it, Mediums often connect with loved ones who have "crossed over" and are tapping into the energy of those who have passed onto other realms of being. While I admire Mediums, I do not provide mediumship communication service. In my opinion, those connections may want to linger afterwards and are therefore not something I’m in the habit pursuing / opening myself up to.

If you want to know more about channeling, there’s nothing like seeing a channeler in action. I encourage you to explore channeling and channelers to see who is out there and how they like to roll. You’re always free to attend a Mystic Citizen Shape Your Fate Live Channeling event or request a reading (channeling seems to make it into all the sessions I offer). For a fun taste of what it’s like to hear a “practical mystic” channeling to metaphysical music, check out the newest StarTribe Radio –tracks for your ascension path all @

Most of all, enjoy your connection to source, your guides your allies and your Higher Soul Self! Consider that even when you’re in a room by yourself, you are never truly alone – help is always available when you ask!

Happy channeling!

-Quinn Tetterton | Guide, Channel, Practical Mystic > Mystic Citizen

*To see Channeling Demos, attend Live Channeled events featuring Quinn Tetterton | Mystic Citizen who Channels tools for Shaping your Fate!

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