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Meditation Metaphysical Style



From Mystic Citizen

Greetings Mystic Citizens!


Most people know what it means to Meditate.

It’s a great tool for calming the mind and the body so you can have more energy throughout the day to…

Think more clearly,


Sleep better.

At, we have a series of meditations for this we call “Life Force Lifts”.


What you may not know, is that there are also Meditations for Solution Seeking.

Meditations for finding Answers to life situations that come up requiring solutions.

At Mystic Citizen, we call these meditations “Dreamlodge Drifts©”.

Our Dreamlodge Drifts are inspired by Native American Dreamlodge Traditions merged with Hermetic Mystery School Techniques, that provide a safe space to clear your mind and connect with your support system of higher dimensional guides and allies (including spirit animals, ascended masters, ancestors, angelics and more) who are available to deliver suggestions beyond what you have already explored on earth.

The “Drift”, is the “Mystic Citizen Guided Meditation” we use for connecting and collecting those insights.

The Wisdom Schools of the ancients understood that time is not linear, so Mystic Citizen “Dreamlodge Drifts” use “Mystery School” Techniques for viewing extended (future) and alternate (parallel) timelines that contain outcomes and answers you have not yet tried. These “Tools of the Mystery Schools” are the ancient disciplines for decoding the Universe, Yourself and those around you.

It can be life changing to experience the “Drift” process of asking and getting useful feedback that comes from beyond your circle of friends, colleges and “earthly” resources.

It’s even more trippy when you see practical results from the guidance you request for your highest and best good...and the highest and best good of all in evolved.

At Mystic Citizen, we have a Dreamlodge Drift for…

o Which job do I take and how much salary should I ask for?

o How can I smooth out a rough patch in my relationship?

o I’m about to start a project. Is this something that would be good thing for me to do at this time?

o When is it a good time to say yes to an opportunity?

o What is the best way to end a pattern you have outgrown?

So, whether you’re new to Meditation, or you already have a practice, and you’d like to add some extra tools – feel free to #Join the Drift!

Sign up for Dreamlodge Drift invite by subscribing to Mystic Citizen!

Each Dreamlodge will feature a different theme.

o Career path & Financial well-being

o Relationship Harmony

o Revealing Life Purposes – spiritual and material

o Clearing Fears

o Centering

o Energetic Protection

And many more…

Join the Drift!

Ask questions,

Open up to answers beyond your astrology, numerology or symbology.

Request an Invite to the next Dreamlodge Drift by subscribing to and specify that you’d like to attend a Dreamlodge Drift!

Yes, indeed these are private –invitation only gatherings held fairly often to insure those who want to experience and learn these techniques can access them (in groups of 5 – 12 people to ensure each person can get feedback if they so choose).

To get a spot, get on the Dreamlodge List – you’ll receive an invite with times dates and more details ;-)

I’m Quinn Tetterton | Mystic Citizen…

Guide, Channel and Practical Mystic

Thanks for Being – Thanks for Seeking…

More to be revealed.

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