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12 Tools for Getting a "Cosmic Leg Up"!


For Living an Unapologetic Life

Interpretations via Quinn Tetterton

Part of the Keys for Changing your Fate –

from the Mystic Citizen Toolkit.

Attention Mystic Citizens! Here are the Twelve Cosmic laws that govern the cosmos – which are often called Universal Laws. People may brace themselves against these Laws, but these principles do not bend. So, if you know and understand these guideposts of existence, you’re on pace to living a more self-assured, well-balanced and unapologetic life.

This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes or have to apologize along the way – because you will. It could take a lifetime to master the cosmic mysteries of the existence – even after they’ve been revealed and that’s O.K. If you don’t master these cosmic keys this time around, perhaps it’ll click the next time – you’ll have other chances ;-)

Keep in mind that using the Twelve Cosmic Laws will shift how you make your decisions, alter your understanding of situations and create more rewarding outcomes. In the Intuitive Arts we call these Cosmic Laws rather than Universal Laws due to the existence of infinite “Multiverses” These treasures of understanding are a fundamental part of the Mystery Schools (ancient disciplines from around the world used to decode the universe, the cosmos, you, and the people around you).

So here they are – Twelve Cosmic Laws…

Starting with:


The law of the One/Oneness.

Law of the One, is divine law of interconnectedness meaning, everything that exists, has an effect on all existence. There are times we understand how interconnected we are and at other times we don’t see the oneness at all but it’s still there, unfolding even if we don’t know where an action or its effects originated. In the case of humanity, it is said that when a thing happens to one of us, the impact will be felt by all of us in the world – if not immediately, then in time, in some way, some day on either on a large scale or a small and subtle scale. Tuning into Law of the One we are taught that we are not separate from life on earth or each other’s choices, desires, words, actions and beliefs. On some level we are feeling an empathic knowing that everything is interconnected. The Law of the One also relates to source energy – the source of all things of which we are all a part. In the Mystery schools (ancient traditions from around the world for decoding the mysteries of existence) source is the origin of all things and what all things return to. Therefore, if we all come from ONE source energy then the ONE source energy is what links ALL (people, places – all forms of matter seen or unseen). In this way we come to understand there is no separation.


The Law of Vibration.

Everything is made up of light and all light carries vibration. Every particle of light is in constant motion, with some moving so slow they become the molecules and atoms making up the pen we pick up to write with as well as the paper on which we write it. Light is always moving and creating frequencies – vibrations that make up our world and the multiverses! Each frequency carries its unique vibration. Galaxies in the vastness of space, planets, plants, animals, the chair you sit on and the ground you walk on as well as every cell in your body is composed of moving, vibrating particles of light. Consider that both high and low vibrational particles of constantly moving energy are tuned into each other’s particles - sharing each other’s energy. Even thoughtforms, (recurring concepts and ideas) are known to carry high or low vibrational frequencies that impact the vibrations of that which surrounds them. One example is the vibrational impact of thoughts and emotions on the structure and shapes of snowflakes as seen in the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. So, if you desire a more productive life, consider tuning yourself higher with high vibrational thoughts Ideas and practice engaging in actions that will, in turn, attune to similar high vibrational thoughts and actions. In this way you can use the Cosmic Law of Vibration to boost the vibrations of joy and satisfaction in your daily life.


The Law of Correspondence.

Closely connected to Cosmic Law #1 – Law of the One/Oneness, the Law of Correspondence speaks to the repeating patterns found in this existence – Patterns created on a small scale that are repeated become larger scale ever-expanding patterns. To see the pattern of human advancement you can follow these patterns back to their simple origins. When we view the escalations of war and conflict you can also see how the small negative patterns of regional quarrels and cultural disagreements correspond to a much larger scale conflict. Cosmic Law is neutral and yet the effects of corresponding energies, beneficial or not, will have an effect on all things. Consider that the patterns you engage in or are currently creating (positive or negative), and notice their building effects as they continue to repeat. What patterns correspond with your core nature? Are you conscious of the patterns present in your life or are you on autopilot? To what degree are you swept up in the patterns of others – are you considering the positive or negative implications of those patterns? Consider noticing the patterns you are corresponding with and consciously decide when you are aligned with energies reflecting your own joyful patterns and when you might be unconsciously repeating the negative patterns of others. That which we think in our mind corresponds to how we act in the world and how we feel about a person place or thing, often corresponds to what we say about a person place or thing. Astrologers will tell you the stars we were born under correspond to how we behave on earth… AS ABOVE SO BELOW.


Law of Attraction.

This is one of the best-known divine principles – the magnetism of like attracts like. This is also linked to the concept of “You are what you attract”, a teaching found in the Mystery School disciplines of Egypt and Greece. If someone is impatient with you, consider asking yourself if you are impatient with others? If someone is unforgiving of you, perhaps you have been unforgiving of another? Understanding the Law of Attraction involves understanding that the universe you live in as well as the decisions you make always magnetize and amplify something. Being positive and proactive draws that same positive and proactive energy to you. Being pessimistic and fearful will draw that same negative energy to you. As we attract relationships that mirror our beliefs, we can create new beliefs and energetic attractions that magnetize or repel. This Law is useful in becoming aware of how your positive or negative attitudes, actions, and overall energy contributes to your overall material world experience, shaping what you believe and therefore your reality.

COSMIC Law # 5

The Law of inspired action.

This divine law is an essential companion to the Law of Attraction. The dynamic of inspired action is also known in Mystery Schools as “Right Action” – being engaged in that which is essential to pursuing goals and desires that are of benefit to you and all involved. Visualization infused with the power of positive thoughts can act a catalyst but it’s the Law of Inspired Action that is seen in the steps you take to realize your goal. Large or small “Inspired Actions” can be used to accelerate and amplify Law# 4, the Law of Attraction – a combination that shapes and propels your outcomes.


The Law of Perpetual Transmutation.

This law reveals that all energy is constantly changing on a cellular, atomic and sub-atomic level. If you were to zoom into the atoms that make up matter and go further still into the nucleolus of an atom, and even further still you’d see an ever-expanding vastness of a perpetually moving particles not unlike the expanse of space we find looking out towards the stars through a high-powered telescope. Space that has, by the way, already changed, before the moment we viewed it. As you gain awareness of this Law you begin to unlock the understanding of how to create positive change. Know you are not stuck with the energy you’ve got. By consciously focusing your attention on building high vibrational energy, you can begin transmuting low vibrational energy. So, if you are feeling low energy, expose yourself to that which tunes you higher – watching an inspirational movie, laughing with friends, listening to your favorite music. This will trigger a transmutational wave within the perpetually changing and moving “You” – rearranging your subatomic inner space, and transmuting the expression of your external mood by shifting and uplifting your spirit.


The Law of Cause & Effect

This Law dictates that every action has a reaction. This is evident to most when perceived in the material/physical world. However, this also applies to the spiritual or nonphysical realm as well -- the unseen that creates the seen. Your spiritual or non-physical life and core beliefs can cause positive and negative reactions in your material or physical life. Your physical environment can be the cause of spiritual impacts too. Consider becoming aware of what form your spiritual beliefs and physical actions take. Are these beliefs and actions causing positive feelings & satisfying outcomes? If so, then keep progressing! If not, consider asking yourself…what is the cause of your current discomforts or the effect your beliefs are having on your heart (opening it or closing it). Then ask your higher self what requires refining. Keep in mind that if someone or something is upsetting you, look inward to see if you are harboring an inner cause that is resulting in the challenging effect you are experiencing before looking outward. When addressing a situation, ask yourself: What do I want to have happen here? What is the outcome I’m looking for? Then examine if what you are about to say or do is likely to cause your desired effect.

COSMIC law #8

The Law of Compensation

This divine cosmic law teaches us we get as good as we give – keeping in mind that compensation can take many energetic as well as material forms. Good deeds done or spiritual services performed in this lifetime and others will come back to us like a boomerang of either negative or positive energy depending on our motives, predictions and behaviors. This dynamic can be seen playing out in individuals, countries and cultures over both long and short periods of time. The Mystery Schools teaches us that time is not linear, so consider being as conscious as possible in terms of how we value ourselves, others, and our environment since the Cosmic Law of Compensation assures that we reap what we sow… in this lifetime and in others.


The Law of Relativity.

This Law reminds us that the Universal realm of existence is Neutral. It is when events, people, places or things are seen in isolation that our comparisons and judgments unfold. Therefore, good or bad meanings we give to personal places or things are relative, since there are always multiple perspectives to be had from each observation. Therefore, each judgment often depends on the perspective of who or what is doing the viewing and when. While Living in LA, I would often call friends in Philly to complain about my relationship problems. On one occasion one of my friends asked me if I had feet. When I replied “yes, I have feet” then he said, “well buddy, some people don’t”. To this day I considered that to be an effective lesson in the Law of Relativity to snap me out of feeling sorry for myself. Focusing on gratitude also points the way to seeing that your life can keep improving, especially when contrasted to others who are worse off than you. This would be an example of using “compassionate relativity” to get yourself out of a negativity rut.

COSMIC law # 10

The Law of Polarity

Everything has its opposite. It is through knowing and examining opposites we gain a higher understanding of ourselves and the universal realms of existence. For example, when experiencing something we don’t want, we can get closer to what we do want. When we have an ending in our lives, we can then look forward to what is about to begin. This law is a powerful tool for keeping our hearts open during a difficult completion because we know if we focus on the opposite of suffering, we’ll be open to joy. The Cosmic Law of Polarity can be a powerful tool used for adaptation, resilience and understanding in the form of clearing or allowing the space for new opportunities that have the potential to be the polar opposite of what we just experienced. If a job, relationship or way of life is no longer sustainable, we can use the law of polarity to repel what no longer serves us so we can magnetize the “best of what wants to come in”.


The Law of Rhythm.

This Cosmic Law is also referred to as the cycles of perpetual motion.

This law reminds us that existence is experienced in seasons and cycles. As with the progression of spring, summer fall and winter or the cycles of child, teenager, adult and elder there are stages of existence that provide perspective and direction. In cycles of meditation this can be practiced as intention setting, visualization, magnetization (consistent focus) and manifestation (experiencing outcomes). This law helps us to be present to all the varying rhythms on the wheel of change and where we might find ourselves within each cycle of beginnings and endings. If you’re going through a rough patch, be alert and prepare for the arrival of the next cycle’s opportunities to explore. Just as dolphins demonstrate their graceful rhythm of knowing when to swim below water and when to return to the surface for air, we can practice the Cosmic Law of Rhythm too, knowing when to act and when to wait, when to speak and when to listen.

COSMIC Law #12

The Law of Gender

This Cosmic Law refers to the Yin & Yang – the masculine and the feminine within all things. Through this law we are shown that the universal existence continually supports both dynamics and that we all contain both feminine and masculine aspects that require balancing to experience a full and happy life as the norm. In Mystery School Ascension Studies, we are encouraged to use our high-soul-selves (the part of self that has had multiple lifetimes on multiple timelines) as a center point of discernment to determine which side of the scale is calling out for balance – too much logical detachment, too much emotional involvement? The high-soul-self is always the first to know what is out of balance. Ask you high-soul-self whether it’s time to go Yin or Yang – when to allow the new and when to insist on boundaries. Quiet the mind and ask…within the space of a single breath, and you will get an answer before the heart or mind is even conscious of the question.


The Ancient Adepts knew the keys to well-being. To this day they are still guiding us through tools of the mystery schools such as the twelve cosmic laws. These valuable insights are part of the practical resources preserved throughout the universe for decoding the mysteries of existence, as well as you and those whom you are relationship with. Access, practice, and live the Twelve keys to meaningful living and elevated well-being and you’ll find yourself having to apologize less, while living in ever-improving circumstances supported by these cosmically solid principles ;-)

If you’d like to learn more about the Mystic Citizen Tool Kit Visit Mystic Citizen Com

Thanks for Reading – Thanks for Being

-Quinn Tetterton | Mystic Citizen

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